General Terms & Conditions (GTC) for Exhibitors and Participants

1. Registration and Admission
The submission of this registration binds the exhibitor to participate in the exhibition. With this registration, the exhibitor bindingly acknowledges the conditions of the exhibition for himself and for those he hires, and commits
himself to observe all legal, police, building inspection department, fire protection, accident prevention, trade authority and other conditions. Admittance may be canceled if the prerequisites are not or no longer given.
CFK-Valley Stade Convention („CFK-Convention“ in the following), the organizer of the exhibition, is entitled to reject any registrations without having to state a reason. Exclusion of competition may be neither demanded nor agreed to. Oral agreements require a written confirmation for them to be legally binding.

2. Allocation of Booths
Booths are allocated by CFK-Convention in writing and in accordance with the conditions of the exhibition theme. The entry date of the registration is not a determinant factor. Special requests of the exhibitor on the location of the booth will be taken into consideration as far as possible but cannot be made a condition of participation. CFK-Convention may relocate booths and advertising space for organizational or arrangement purposes. CFK-Convention reserves the right to relocate entrances, exits, and passage ways for necessary safety reasons.

3. Subletting
The exhibitor is not entitled to give, exchange, or sublet to a third party or other companies either part of or the whole booth that is allocated to him nor is he permitted to accept this for other companies without written permission by CFK-Convention.

4. Withdrawal
In the interest of the Convention, withdrawal from a contract is only possible under special circumstances and only with a written agreement from CFK-Convention. When withdrawing from a contract, the exhibitor shall pay the following fees:

  • 50% until 28 February 2017
  • 100% of the calculated amount from 01 March 2017

If the exhibitor withdraws later or fails to take up occupancy of his booth, the full participation fee shall be payable, regardless if CFK-Convention relinquishes the booth to another party. A withdrawal must be submitted in written form. If the participant is able to find a replacement that is confirmed by CFK-Convention, a processing fee of 10% of the amount invoiced shall be payable regardless of the time when the withdrawal was submitted. All agreements stipulated in the original contract shall remain effective for the new tenant.

5. Changes
In case a minimum of 15 exhibitors is not attained or if other unforeseeable events occur that make it impossible to hold the Convention for which CFK-Convention is not responsible, CFK-Convention reserves the right to:

  • cancel the Convention or
  • postpone the dates of the event

If the event cannot take place due to unforeseeable events, the participation fee shall be refunded after a deduction of 10% for processing costs that will be credited to a new contract. If the event has to be postponed to another date for compelling reasons, the agreements reached shall remain valid for the new date. The participant may not submit legal claims for damages due to a postponement of the Convention to another date or to cancellation of the Convention. Participants who provide proof that a postponement of the Convention results in a conflict with previously made commitments to other events may request to be released from the contract.

6. Confirmation and Terms of Payment
The invoice is sent out with the confirmation. Payment is due as follows:

  • 50% of the invoice amount after receipt of confirmation
  • 50% of the invoice after exhibition is over

CFK-Convention may make ulterior use of the booth in case of failure to comply with the terms of payment. Default interest shall be levied in case of a failure to comply with payment terms. The invoice must be paid in full. It is not possible to exercise any rights of set-off or counter claim against the invoice.

7. Setup and Disassembly
One day is available to set up the exhibition booths. The booths must be ready by the opening of the Convention. The setup of exhibition material above the normal booth height of 250 / 230 cm must be made known to CFK-Convention up to four weeks before beginning the disassembly.
According to building inspection department regulations, all inflammable furnishing material and exhibition items must be impregnated with fire retardants, and the exhibitor must be able to certify that this has been done. One and a half days are available to disassemble the exhibition booths. No booths may be wholly or even partially vacated before the determined date.
Exhibitors who breach this policy shall have to pay a fine of twice the invoice amount.  Booths that have not been disassembled or exhibition items that have not been removed by the end of the set date shall be removed by CFK-Convention and stored at the expense of the exhibitor and excluding any liability. Any damage to or changes in the building furnishings caused by the exhibitors will be invoiced to them.

8. Lighting, Electricity
CFK-Convention pays for general lighting. Requests of the exhibiting companies for additional lighting and special connections at their own expense can be taken into consideration only with timely registrations. These connections are invoiced in accordance with the terms of the contract installer and are paid to him. The exhibitor is liable for any damage due to uncontrolled extraction of energy. CFK-Convention is not liable for any immediate damage due to a power disruption of the supply system.

9. Occupation of Booth
The booth must be occupied during opening hours.

10. Cleaning
The exhibitors are provided exhibition booths in a "broom clean" condition. CFK-Convention is responsible for the cleaning of the public areas. The exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning of their booths. Waste items shall be put in bags or boxes and placed in the passageway in front of the booths in the evenings. CFK-Convention will provide for their removal.

11. Surveillance
General surveillance at night is provided by CFK-Convention without liability for loss or damage. The exhibitor is responsible for the surveillance of his booth and exhibition goods during opening hours as well as during cleaning time.
Special or additional surveillance must be approved by CFK-Convention.

12. Liability
Due to a legal regulation, CFK-Convention is only liable for damages for which it is directly responsible. CFK-Convention is covered by a liability insurance. CFK-Convention is not liable for damages caused by the public visiting the Convention or due to other circumstances. No damage claims of any kind may be made for indications or measures taken by CFK-Convention that are based on false information.
It is strongly recommended for the exhibitor to take out insurance against any possible hazards, particularly theft. CFK-Convention is not liable to the exhibitor for damages due to a failure of the power supply system. The exhibitor is required to mount a protection device onto his machines that correspond with trade association accident prevention regulations. CFK-Convention reserves the right to prohibit at any time the operation of any machines or appliances if the operation of the machines that have been set up is determined to be dangerous. The exhibitor is liable for any damage to persons or things that arise as a result of his exhibition setup or exhibition goods.

13. Advertising
Advertising for third parties, including the suppliers for the exhibitor, is only allowed with approval by CFK-Convention. The operation of a sound system, demonstration of machines, photos, slides, and films and particularly any action shows require a special agreement with CFK-Convention.
This permission may be revoked or limited in the interest of the Convention.

14. House Rules
CFK-Convention exerts the house rules in the Convention building in cooperation with the owner.

15. Place of Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction for any lawsuits is Stade.

16. Forfeiture of Claims
Claims of the exhibitor must be submitted to CFK-Convention in writing one week after the Convention has ended. Any claims made after this point in time shall be considered forfeited.

17. Safeguarding Clause
Any ineffectiveness of one or more clauses will not affect the validity of the rest of the clauses in these business conditions.

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