8th CFK-Valley Stade Convention 2014: 350 CFRP-experts from 14 Nations met to discuss the status quo on CFRP

24 -25 June in Stade: Conference and Exhibition on the Topic of CFRP

Opening speech: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel S. Herrmann - CTO of CFK-Valley e.V.

The annual conference on the topic of lightweight constructions opened their doors for about 350 experts, coming from 14 Nations (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Korea, USA, UAE etc). Focus of this years convention was „Latest Innovations in CFRP Technologies“.

Top notch speakers (from e.g. Daimler AG, Airbus Operations GmbH, ESI Group, Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology) presented their latest developments in the technologies, processes and construction methods of composite lightweight construction - both in research and in practice. The lectures were clustered into thematic sessions.

In addition to all given lectures is a proceeding with speakers‘ contributions available (limited availability). Interested parties send a request with „CFK-Convention Proceedings“ to info(at)cfk-convention.com

Attractive Exhibition

Also the accompanying exhibiton was strongly attended. More than 40 exhibitors, e.g. AIRTECH (Luxembourg), AIRBUS Operations GmbH (Germany), Com&Sens bvba (Belgium), ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (Netherlands), DLR e.V. (Germany) and many more were presenting their products and services along the entire value-added chain of CFRP.

A follow up of the 8th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention 2014 will be published online contemporary. Interested partners, speakers and exhibitors note June 2015 for the 9th expert conference.

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