In the context of international networking, the upcoming CFK-Valley Stade Convention will present Partner Country KOREA. Two big players (City of Gumi, Jeonuk Province) will represent the CFRP-Competencies of all braches of industry in Korea – with their own session and a joint booth with about 7 companies and institutes.

Jeonbuk Province

With its vibrant culture and beautiful scenery, Jeonbuk Province is well on its way of becoming the next hub of Northeast Asia. Jeonbuk Province and Jeonju City have been at the center of the carbon industry in Korea for over 10 years, holding an International Carbon Festival with regional industries in the areas of aerospace, automotive, wind energy and carbon composites.

Jeonbuk and Jeonju have also built a Carbon Valley with a value chain that covers all stages
from carbon fiber to the end product.

City of Gumi

City of Gumi is home to the South Korea’s largest inland industrial complex. It is located in western part of Korea’s north Gyeongsang province, 277 km south of Seoul and 167 km north of Busan. The population of Gumi is approximately 430,000 with 61.7% of citizens under 30 years of age and the City boasts young and abundant skillful workers. Gumi is an important industrial cluster of the country with many companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Display. The major industries in Gumi are Electronics, Carbon fibers, Medical devices, Automotive and Aircraft parts industry etc. In Gumi, there are about 3,200 companies with 120,000 workers. It is the largest scale in Korea. In 2015, the city exported USD 27.3 billion (accounts for 62.86percent of Gyeongsangbuk-do province’s total exports and 5.2% of national exports).

Gumi is pursuing globally competitive business friendly city and happy city enhancing the quality of life. Gumi is becoming one of the best business friendly cities with excellent residential environment expanding the living infrastructure such as Complex 5, FEZ etc.

The city where everyone says “Yes” anytime, anywhere, and to anyone and full of positive energy and hope. Gumi, the prestigious city in the world. “Yes Gumi”


KCTECH (Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology), located in the center of the Carbon Valley, is the only research institute in Korea specializing in carbon technology and has a global network of 13 institutes in 8 countries. KCTECH’s aim is to become a global research institute for composites industry, most notably through its key fundamental tech-nologies and commercial applications.

© Jeonbuk Province
© Jeonbuk Province