CFK-Valley Stade Convention – annual reunion of the branche

With the CFK-Valley Stade Convention, CFK-Valley Stade association has successfully established its own international conference:

  • 420 international decision makers
  • target group focused lectures
  • outlook to most up to date technology trends

The CFK-Valley Stade Convention is central platform for technical exchange on highest level in the foiled of CFRP-Technology. An accompanying exhibition is toping the event off.

Join us - we are looking forward to your participation!

CFK – what does it mean?

CCORE-Structure (INVENT GmbH)

(CFK is the German abbreviation for CFRP: Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics)

CFRP is considered to be the material of the future and characterised by the following properties:

  • Extremely lightweight: weight reduction of up to 70% in comparison to steel and up to 30% compared to aluminium
  • high weight-specific strenght and stiffness
  • superior static and dynamic loading capacity
  • corrosion resistance
  • nearly no thermal expansion
  • finger printed material composition to meet specific load cases

Currently, CFRP is primarily applied in the field of aerospace and in the fuselage and wings of aircraft. In order to find application areas for CFRP across all branches of industry, manufacture, processing and application it must become more cost effective.